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Today we talked about the importance of getting a flu shot early during COVID-19, who should get it and why with Dr. Nicole Swiner.  Doc Swiner also shared the importance of getting COVID-19 tested. Listen to this information as well as needed resources on Working Mom Wednesday’s.   Presented by:   BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OF […]

    It’s childhood Obesity recognition month and today “weight and obesity dr.” Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Payne shared the importance of recognizing, knowing the consequences and prevention methods of childhood obesity. During this pandemic many kids are not getting the needed exercise to keep this at bay.  Listen in as Dr. Tiffany talks with Mid-day host […]

Don’t lose hope in your job search. Today career advisor Sonia Cameron talks to our Working Moms about strategies for acing your job search. The Key is God. Presented by:   BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OF NORTH CAROLINA – OFFERING A VARIETY OF PLANS FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, SERVING NORTH CAROLINA FOR OVER 85 YEARS […]

Did you know that black women and children are more likely to die from and during childbirth than any other race?  Today we talked to Dr. Anuradha Rao-Patel of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina about Maternal Health Disparities; what causes it, and how we can best tackle to problem and not become […]

  Many medical facilities and doctor offices have increased their telemedicine/virtual healthcare due to COVID-19.  Today we talked with Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Payne about the pros and cons of virtual medicine and how it can benefit us and our families healthwise and cost wise.  Listen and Dr. Tiffany talks with Melissa during “Working Mom Wednesday’s” Presented […]

Working Moms are now having to navigate their kids through virtual learning while working from home.  Two moms shared their stories, challenges and solutions today during Working Mom Wednesday’s. Jacenta has a kindergartner, a new baby and a husband who is a teacher.  Her job doesn’t have the option of working from home so she […]

  STRESS, ANXIETY… This is what we are facing during this pandemic and now as working moms.. the kids are going back to school virtually.  How do we balance it all? DR. TEDRA AMDERSON BROWN WILL TALK TO THE WOMEN ABOUT… MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS AND HOW WE ARE COPING WITH COVID-19 … IN MIDST […]

COVID-19 and the kids!! What are the risk of my child contracting the coronavirus and becoming sick?  We have seen and read the story–  A Florida family is mourning the loss of their 9-year-old daughter after she became the state’s youngest victim of COVID-19.  Kimora Lynum died on July 17.  So today I asked Pediatrician, […]

  Dr. Von Nguyen of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC joined us to give an update on COVID-19 with importance of the 3W’s.  Listen as Dr. Von talks with Melissa and us Working Moms. Presented by:   BLUE CROSS AND BLUE SHIELD OF NORTH CAROLINA – OFFERING A VARIETY OF PLANS FOR YOU AND YOUR […]

The CDC states obesity as one of the top underlying medical conditions that make us more likely to suffer or even die from COVID-19.   Stress and obesity expert Dr. Tiffany Lowe-Payne joined us for the show today to give us some good sound advice.   Listen as she talks with Melissa about the importance of knowing […]