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The 44th President of the United States turns 62 this year. The post Happy 62nd Birthday To Our Forever President Barack Obama! appeared first on NewsOne.

  #8 UNC knocked off #1 Duke, 88-72 last night during the Tobacco Roadhouse showdown at Cameron Indoor Stadium.  Duke had an unfortunate turn of events just 34 seconds into the game as freshman superstar Zion Williamson blew out his shoe and twisted his knee. Coach K stated, “Obviously, you lose a national player of […]

Tonight it’s the “battle of the Blues”… Duke vs. UNC and rumor has it that former President Barack Obama may attend. The Duke-UNC basketball game is always known for attracting celebrities but Duke officials are not confirming whether or not Obama will actually attend.  However extra measures are being taken, leaving fans wondering if it’s […]

This list is only 26 celebrities that are biracial/ multiracial . Biracial meaning; concerning or containing members of two racial groups. The definition of multiracial; composed of, involving, or representing various races. This list isn’t in any type of order, but all of these celebrities are biracial/ multiracial, such as;   a Barack Obama’s mother is white, and his […]

  Americans have voted former first lady Michelle Obama as the woman they most admire, according to a Gallup poll. USA Today reported that this is the first time in 17 years a woman other than Hillary Clinton topped Gallup’s Most Admired Woman list. Gallup’s annual survey, conducted Dec. 3-12 this year, asks Americans, in […]

Director Jordan Peele demonstrates how easy videos can be altered and fake news can be delivered…In a viral video, former President Barack Obama delivers a realistic look at the future of fake news, but the video isn’t all it appears to be. Written by Jordan Peele for Buzzfeed, Obama begins his message with what appears […]

The National Portrait Gallery unveiled portraits of  President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama as part of the Smithsonian group of museums and complete collection of presidential portraits. Barack Obama’s portrait was painted by Kehinde Wiley — an artist best known for his vibrant, large-scale paintings of African-Americans. Michelle Obama’s portrait, the gallery commissioned […]

While doing Karaoke Carpool with James Corden, Wil Smith revealed that he had discussed the ideal of playing former president Barack Obama with the for president himself. During the interview Corden asked Smith if he would every be interested in playing Obama in a movie and Smith says, “Yes… I talked to Barack about it… […]

The former president takes time to give young men an uplifting word ahead of his first post-presidential speech.

Barack Obama will return back to public life with an April 24 Chicago event, with Democrats wondering if he will take President Donald Trump to task on several issues and policies.