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This list is only 26 celebrities that are biracial/ multiracial . Biracial meaning; concerning or containing members of two racial groups. The definition of multiracial; composed of, involving, or representing various races.

This list isn’t in any type of order, but all of these celebrities are biracial/ multiracial, such as;   a Barack Obama’s mother is white, and his father is from Nyang’oma Kogelo, Kenya.

Barack Obama : 

Mariah Carey:


J. Cole :

Halle Berry: 

Bob Marley :

Meghan Markle:

Derek Jeter :

Jordin Sparks :

Alicia Keys:

Jimi Hendrix :

Carol Channing:

Lenny Kravitz:

Vin Diesel:

Yara Shahidi : 

Shemar Moore:

Vanessa Williams:

Maya Rudolph:

Blake Griffin:

Kimora Lee Simmons:

Lisa Bonet:

Eartha Kitt :

Jennifer Beals:


Faith Evans:

There are way more individuals that are considered biracial or multiracial, but the list would be too long. Singer Mariah Carey has openly talked about the “one drop” rule that was forced on the Black race since slavery.