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Symbols of Love

Source: Photography By Teri A. Virbickis / Getty

If you really want to give a gift from the heart and not just the wallet then here are a few thoughtful Valentine’s  Day gift ideas.

1. Repeat your first date. If you’re like many couples, your first date was a simple affair.

2. Make homemade chocolate-covered strawberries. This recipe is actually really easy.

3. Make a stack of romantic notes. Buy a pack of blank note cards with envelopes, then on each envelope, write messages like these: “Open me when you’re having a rough day at work” or “Open me when you feel a bit lonely” or “Open me when you miss me.”

4. Be super creative with chocolate kisses or candy hearts. Buy a bag of whichever one your partner would prefer, then put them in lots of places where they’ll be discovered by your partner.

5. Buy a high-quality version of their favorite inexpensive treat. If your partner loves ice cream, get a pint of really good high-end ice cream at the store.

6. While your partner is out of the house, take care of some of their least favorite chores.Wash the dishes. Make the bed. Do a load of laundry. Fold some laundry. Make a meal.

7. No matter what you decide to do, accompany that gift with a handwritten note.

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