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In this week’s news of cringe-worthy cultural appropriation: Allure magazine ran the article “You (Yes, You) Can Have An Afro” in its August issue. The hair tutorial features a White woman with an afro (Rachel Dolezal-style), as demonstrated in this BuzzFeed article.

Per BuzzFeed:

Not only did the magazine choose to not use a black model with straight hair, it failed to reference the very sacred and political context of the natural style, worn during the American Civil Rights era as a symbol of black pride and protest for equality.

Meanwhile, actress Amandla Stenberg was recently criticized by some, but celebrated by more, for calling Kylie Jenner out for wearing cornrows. When you read her explanation on Twitter, below, you’ll realize this issue is more than just ganging up on Kylie for wearing her hair a certain way.

Allure, you really should have known better.

SOURCE: BuzzFeed, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter


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