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Do you have high blood sugar or are you trying to cut back on your carbohydrate consumption? If so, then the holidays, especially desserts, can be very challenging this time of year. Most desserts have a good amount of carbohydrates in them. However, there is a way to work in a sweet treat into your holiday meal. Try these tips below this holiday season!

  • Share a Dessert with a Friend – By sharing you get to enjoy the taste of the food but with less calories and carbohydrates.
  • Scrape Off any “Extras” – Pies, cakes and cookies are usually topped with whipped cream, sauce or frosting. By removing the toppings you reduce the total carbs and the possibility of a sugar spike!
  • Carb Swap – If you decide you want a piece of pie for dessert, then pass on the dinner roll and mashed potatoes at the meal. This is a great way to still feel in the holiday spirit without overloading the carbs.