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The name “Brand Newz” derives from the concept of a new brand of news. According to host and lead anchor, Christopher “Play” Martin “There’s as much good news as there is bad news to air about our communities, but the present mass media infrastructure has skewed reporting to disproportionately highlight negative activity in certain sectors of society.

“Brand Newz” seeks to be that foundation to a socio-economic blueprint that transform and widen ordinary people’s optimistic visions into reality through broadcasting, journalism and industry internship opportunities. “Brand Newz” showcases the aptitudes of talented individuals who might otherwise be overlooked. “Brand Newz” focuses on a wide range of topics from education, inspiration, health, sports, politics, finance and entertainment. “Brand Newz” features individuals who are using themselves and their situations to have a positive inspirational influence on the community in someway. Story themes usually surround the following: education, inspiration, health, finance, sports, politics and entertainment.