Today was the big day for many McDougald Terrace residents to move back into their homes after months of living in apartments; but some don’t feel safe. Hundreds of families were evacuated after carbon monoxide was detected in their apartments. However, after months of living in single room hotel rooms, some families are finding […]

Inspections have revealed that stoves are causing the carbon monoxide issues at McDougald Terrace.  Inspectors found 133 stoves with high levels of CO along with some furnaces and water heaters. As the issues at McDougald Terrace continue, Durham Housing Authority CEO Anthony Scott discussed that DHA  has spent $485,000 on relocating residents.  This is the […]

  Inspections found that 40% of the McDougald Terrace apartments checked are in need of repairs to fix the carbon monoxide problems, according to Durham Housing Authority Chief Executive Anthony Scott. So far more than 200 families in the housing development have been moved to hotels so that contractors can perform necessary checks and repairs. […]

Elevated carbon monoxide levels have many concerned about the health of their families and has forced some residence from the housing complex to leave. Residents complained to the Durham City Council on Monday night, demanding actions be taken to insure their safety in their homes. Since late November, more than a dozen residents have been […]

Concerns about high levels of carbon monoxide launched an investigation at one of Durham’s largest affordable housing properties. Information obtained by ABC11 showed communication between fire officials and EMS associates on Christmas Day about the recent poisonings which lead to door to door inspections of the residents at McDougald Terrace the next day. The carbon […]

No one noticed that snow was covering the car's tailpipe, pushing carbon monoxide into the vehicle.


Carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected in the deaths of a southern Maryland father and his seven children, according to The New York Times. The father,…