The GOP leader froze during a presser in his homestate of Kentucky, leading many to call for his retirement for the sake of his health.

Alabama state Sen. April Weaver and other Alabama legislators want to make faking a kidnapping a felony after Carlee Russell's case. The post Alabama Legislators Want To Make Kidnapping Hoaxes A Felony In Response To Carlee Russell Case appeared first on NewsOne.

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Kamala Harris has been a strong and constant voice on some of the most important issues of our time from voting rights to climate change. The post Op-Ed: Why Vice President Kamala Harris Is Good For America appeared first on NewsOne.

To make it easier to understand all the criminal cases involving Trump, NewsOne has created a simpler way to digest all these indictments. The post Here Are All The Criminal Cases Involving Former President Donald Trump appeared first on NewsOne.

Florida police released a video of the arrest. Although the little girl's face is blurred out, you can still see the event, and even hear an officer telling her to use this as a "learning experience".

As residents of Alabama lived in fear of a possible kidnapper on the loose, authorities close to the Carlee Russell case details of their investigation with the public Wednesday (July 19).


Carlee Russell was missing in Alabama for 48 hours before she mysteriously reappeared at her family's home. What happened to her and where was she? The post What Happened To Carlee Russell? Missing Black Woman Mysteriously Reappears After 48-Hour Search appeared first on NewsOne.

DOJ has filed a complaint against the state of Mississippi over House Bill 1020, which will allow the state to create a separate court system. The post Mississippi’s H.B.1020 Is A ‘Crude Scheme’ Aimed At Discriminating Against Black Residents, Says DOJ appeared first on NewsOne.

An elementary school was the victim of an active shooting event today in Nashville, Tennessee according to the Metro Nashville Police. Covenant School, connected to Covenant Presbyterian Church is a private Christian school for children from pre-school to the sixth grade. The suspect was handled by police and is currently deceased. Not including the suspect, […]

Paul Pelosi is expected to make a full recovery following a home invasion early Friday morning, where the male assailant attacked him with a hammer.