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According to documents obtained by PEOPLE  Sheena Evans he mother of Gucci Mane‘s 11-year-old son Keitheon wants the rapper to go to jail for failing to pay her legal fees in their child support case. Evans has claimed that despite being ordered by the court the rapper has failed to pay the $2,495 to cover the cost of her lawyer.

In a motion for complaint and motion for sanctions filed in Georgia’s Superior Court of Fulton County, Evans’ declared the lack of payment “outrageous and egregious” and “another willful disregard for this Court’s authority.” “Not only has the Respondent demonstrated that he has no concern for the authority of this Court,” Evans’ attorney continues, “or for the deadlines set by this Court, Respondent has also exhibited an alarming disregard of the consequences of his contemptuous behavior. He could care less.”

After the rapper’s 1.7 million wedding  In August, Evans requested Mane pay $20,000 per month in child support instead of the $2,026.49 per month that he was ordered to pay in 2011. Read more of the story in the link below.