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Author Frank A. Bryant shared how he changed his life around and away from jail or death to become a Morehouse graduate and more on “NewsOne Now.” His children’s book “From Menace to Morehouse,” is a kid-friendly tale that describes his misadventures during grade school when he was a boy.

Bryant said he bounced around between six elementary schools, two middle schools two high schools and went nine colleges before he finally started to get his life together. Bryant told Roland Martin the catalyst for him turning his life around was the murder of two of his friends. He said at that point he decided to “make a change because he didn’t want to be next.”

Bryant has an interesting perspective on troubled youth. He explained his mother was a teacher and father was a captain at a juvenile detention facility. Bryant said, “I would actually see kids start in my mom’s school and end up in my father’s prison. I had a first class seat of the school to prison pipeline.” This drove hime to want to work with at-risk youth to help them avoid some of the pitfalls that he fell prey to.

Listen to his inspiring story below.

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