Sasha Obama was noticeably absent during President Obama's final speech on Tuesday. According to reports, she was studying for an exam.

Donald Trump refuses to release his taxes, but thanks to a New York Times article, we may now know why he is reluctant to share the info.

During last night's presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Clinton hammered the businessman-turned-politician about his taxes.

  Yes the tax season begins today with a few changes from the IRS. “The IRS has been working closely with the tax industry and state revenue departments to provide taxpayers with stronger protections against identity theft,” said IRS commissioner John Koskinen ….  “Because of these new protections, taxpayers may notice some minor – but […]

The Affordable Care Act helped a lot of people, but many didn’t think about the impact it would have on this tax season. Jennifer Owens…

It’s tax season and you want to be prepared and knowledgeable about what you are doing. Listen to the audio player to hear Dr. Deena…

Uncle Sam doesn’t play.  For years Grammy award winning singer Lauryn Hill has been under the radar by the IRS for not paying taxes on more than 1.8 million earned from 2005 to 2007 and now it’s all come to an end. Yesterday Hill was in federal court and was sentenced to 3 months in jail, […]

Tax-free Internet shopping could be in jeopardy by a bill making its way through the Senate. The bill would allow states to require online retailers to collect state and local sales taxes for purchases made over the Internet and sent to the states where a shopper lives. The Senate voted 74 to 20 Monday to take […]

The Internal Revenue Service announced yesterday that it paid out $125 million to whistleblowers in 2012 and that was up from just $8 million last year. The IRS believes it had a lot to do with former banker Bradley Birkenfeld who blew the whistle on a firm who was helping wealthy Americans hide their assets […]