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ICE Agents Detain Suspected Undocumented Immigrants In Raids

Source: John Moore / Getty


ICE has detained many immigrants in the Durham area in the past couple of weeks from their jobs, their neighborhoods, even while shopping or near their children’s schools.  ICE has been detaining and separating illegal immigrants in large numbers in the Wake, Durham and Mecklenburg areas because the sheriff’s offices have refrained from partnering with ICE to make arrests.

Since the cancellation of the partnership with the organization, ICE has beefed up its presence statewide.

On Sunday, members of the faith community prayed for it to stop.

Behind the walls at Asbury United Methodist in Durham, members of the Latino community – those documented and undocumented – gathered with allies in-person and online petitioning a higher power for help and intervention.

A spokesman for ICE stated, “If these programs would be in place. I wouldn’t have to put so many officers on the street like illustrated before..and you would have less people like you were talking about workers going to work.”

Organizers believe ICE is retaliating against the sheriff’s offices’ decision not to help. ICE says more than 90 percent its arrests last fiscal year were from undocumented people with criminal convictions.