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Extreme Weather

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Black ice is a major concern this morning with the snowy wet roads turning into icem (black ice) from the freezing temps.  So if you find yourself in a situation where a wet road turned out to be black ice or icy… ABC11’s Don Schwenneker takes us step by step on how to keep from crashing.

First: Always drive below the posted speed limit in snow and ice. ABC11’s Don “Big Weather” Schwenneker took a skid prevention lesson with the North Carolina Highway Patrol and they didn’t allow him to drive above 30 miles per hour. Speed is big when it comes to safe driving in winter weather– don’t panic and slow down.

Second: When you start to skid keep your feet off of the pedals and coast for a little bit. Let up off the gas and don’t slam on the brakes.

Third: Start counter-steering. You need to turn your wheels in the same direction your back end is skidding towards. If done quickly enough the car should straighten itself out.

Finally: Keep your eyes on the prize. Look in the direction you want to go, your hands will follow your eyes and you’ll end up going where you want to go instead of where you are going.

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