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The current status of Hurricane Florence has been claimed as a category 4 hurricane. Hurricane Florence is expected to reach land by Wednesday evening. The category 4 hurricane is approximately 1200 miles East/Southeast of Cape Fear in North Carolina. Hurricanes are broken down into five categories to help identify its level of how dangerous it could be for citizens.

Category levels of hurricanes:

Category 1Hurricane : Winds can range from 74 to 95 mph. The amount of damage is minimal in regards to trees and things like dog houses, kids outdoor toys.

Category 2 Hurricane : Winds intensify to 96 to 110 mph, which can expect more property damage, for example:  The siding on homes may peel.

Category 3 Hurricane : Winds grow to 111 to 130 mph and can cause significant damage to property, humans, and animals. Winds become so powerful that a house can shake, a roof peel off and trees crack in half.

Category 4 Hurricane : Winds develop to 131 to 155 mph which you can expect trees falling and damages to homes.

Category 5 Hurricane : Winds can be greater than 155 mph causing catastrophic damages

A State of Emergency has already been declared for the following states; North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. As Hurricane Florence approaches the coast, it is important to be prepared for any and all outcomes. Rainfall has been expected to reach seven to ten inches. The entire South East region will see the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, leading to massive rainfall.

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