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NAACP President Cornell William Brooks and General Counsel Brad Berry met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions Friday at the Department of Justice about policing, voting rights and suppression, reports NBC News.

From NBC News:

In a meeting that [NAACP President Cornell William] Brooks described as, “politely and necessarily blunt, cordial, and candid,” the two [Brooks and Sessions] discussed voting rights, voter suppression, and policing. “I told him history is upon us. It will be a civil rights crisis in the next few weeks or months. We’ve been here before and there’s unrest.” Brooks said in an interview with NBCBLK. “People will look to the Department of Justice for reassurance, impartiality, and fairness. The weight of history is on his shoulders.”

Ever since Sessions’ nomination, the NAACP  and other civil rights organizations have expressed concern that Sessions would not uphold and protect civil rights. Showing opposition to Sessions’ nomination, Brooks and other members of the NAACP were arrested after a series of sit-ins outside Sessions senate office in Alabama on January 3.

…In the meeting the NAACP proposed the nomination of a special attorney general on civil rights “with experience that has demonstrated a commitment to civil rights.” The two disagreed on issues such as enforcing consent decrees and Sessions’ decision to limit federal investigations of police departments that violate civil rights of minorities…On whether the meeting was successful and if his proposals would be put into action, Brooks says “time and action will tell” and he hopes Sessions will communicate on key issues in the future.

Brooks also expressed concerns about Sessions’ announcement Tuesday that the Justice Department would “pull back” from suing local police departments that have a history of civil rights abuses, reports The Hill.

SOURCE: NBC NewsThe Hill


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