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Sheilah Belle, Ministering

Source: The Belle Report / The Belle Report

TBR — Richmond, VA – St. Paul’s Baptist Church Youth Service for ages 11-19 was the place to be with guest speaker, Sheilah Belle, “The Belle”. The message for the day was “Tell the Truth, Shame the Bully,” as they tackled the issue of bullying in school to at home. The Belle presented a powerful sermon that captured the attention of the youth, followed by a wrap up session that included countless shared issues that some of the youth were going through. In the end, lives were changed and an invitation for The Belle to return to speak again was also offered.

“To speak to youth, is not as easy as one might think, but on Sunday, apparently we stumbled across a topic that many of them could relate to. I just thank God for the teaching in my preparation and look forward to continue being a messenger of the Lord. I was truly humbled by the experience,” says The Belle.”

*To book The Belle to speak at your church, conference, workshop or for a panel discussion, e-mail .

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