tina-campbell- 2014TBR — With no doubt, it is safe to say that Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell had a year she will never forget in 2014. From up’s and down’s, good and bad, Campbell trusted God to get her through and He did. She is now stronger, wiser, spiritually matured and has accepted her calling to another level.

We’re talking about Tina Campbell, one half of the dynamic singer duo Mary Mary, who preached her first sermon on January 18th, 2015.

Her husband, Teddy Campbell, was there to support her and her sister, Erica, also shared the news on her Twitter page.

Tina’s first sermon was entitled “We Shall Over Come Today”.

Her words were passionate, from the heart and touched the lives of many sitting in the sanctuary.

On Twitter, Tina also stated, “Happy Sunday folks. Well, I preached my first sermon today.” “I believe God was shining in me and through me. To Him be the glory.”

Congratulations Tina! To God be the Glory!

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