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Be honest with yourself. Are you your ideal weight? Do you have that summer body you desire? Did you make a  new years resolutions promising to eat healthier and lose, or gain weight? If you answered yes, congratulations! If you answered no, there is still time to get with the program. With Spring just around the corner, being motivated to work out and eat healthy shouldn’t be so hard.  Here are 3 steps to get a jump start on your summer body:


Some of us already know what we are trying to change about our bodies. If you don’t, you may need to consult with a health professional to get expert advice about a healthy weight goal. Whether you are looking to lose your love handles or shed a few pounds so you can fit into your bathing suit, be sure you set a reasonable goal that you can work towards. Be real with yourself when setting goals. If you are 300 lbs today, you most likely will not be a size 2 by the summer.


Now that you have set your summer goals, you may be asking yourself, “what exactly should I be starting?” The best way to reach your fitness goals is through a combination of diet and exercise. The reason so many people are not able to stick to diets is because they are not truly committed or maybe they didn’t get the results they were looking for, got frustrated, and gave up. Avoid these situations and make a plan! Remember that dieting alone is not the most effective technique for weight loss. By adding a strength and conditioning program to a healthy diet of fewer calories you will find the greatest success.


There is no better time to get started on your exercise routine then now. Don’t hesitate to jump on your new summer body plans. Every goal and plan requires an action. If this means, taking a jog after work or going to the gym (starting today), DO IT! If you cannot afford a fancy gym, go on and search for fitness videos and work out at home. No more excuses! You have the tools you need for your success, so put them in action. There are no secrets or miracles for weight loss, weight gain and body shaping. The key is to have patience, stay motivated, work hard and most importantly have fun! Be sure to write down your goals and make notes on your progress.

Suggestion: Take a before and after photo! As soon as you start step 3, take the before photo. After a few weeks of hard work, take an after photo and you’re bound to notice the difference!

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