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Hip-Hop Gospel singer LeCrae took a few moments from his busy schedule to talk with me about the whirlwind year. Hip-Hop has always been pigeon holed as an instrument born of the streets and ugliness. LeCrae sees it as an opportunity to serve Christ with beauty.

Along the way, like many in the inner city, he took to rapping as a way of communicating his thoughts. It wasn’t until after high school that his hobby became a passion and Jesus Christ redeemed his Hip-Hop background.

OW: How has this project differed from   previous projects?

LeCrae: “Rehab is far more musical and explores issues that my other projects didn’t touch on manhood, marriage, and addiction. I think Rehab is a very transitional project it displays more of me as an artist/writer/producer and not just a rapper.”

OW. In the last year, what have you learned?

LeCrae: “I have learned that authenticity resonates with people. The industry can  be very misleading and is built to make people believe what they see. But people aren’t dumb they can see through that and I think real music and real people resonate.”

Recently released singles “Overdose”, “Battle Song” featuring Suzy Rock, and “Blow Your High” featuring Canon have all garnered massive radio exposure in both the Christian and Hip Hop Circles. The album peaked at No. 2 on iTunes and No. 1 on the Hip-Hop chart through most of its debut week. The Rehab album is currently at # 5 is in its 23rd week on the Billboard Charts.

OW: You have had a great run with your album. “Rehab” has been on the Billboard Albums Charts for 23 weeks. It hit #1 and remains in the Top 10. What do you want to do next?

LeCrae: “I’m writing a book and will hopefully continue inspiring people all over the world.”

OW: You are very conscious of the meaning of your Christian calling. What are you working on? Is there a charity that you are working on or trying to raise awareness for?

LeCrae: “Well, I’ve been doing international missions for 6 years. I had a

mentor years back who taught me the value of seeing the whole world and being concerned for it. I’m also passionate for the   disenfranchised, urban communities, and less fortunate. I’ve created a foundation called We are Unashamed, which sends students to school, restores hurting communities, and supports local churches too.”

OW: Each day we look to garner strength from someone Who is your well of strength? Who inspires you?

LeCrae:  “People who have stuck to their vision and mission no matter what. They inspire me. The people who wake up to non-glamorous lives to continue

pushing to do what God has called them to do.”

OW: Your life is busy with touring, charity work and ministering. How do you maintain your spiritual life?

LeCrae: “Study the bible regularly, meet with older wiser mentors weekly, and

keep a group of guys in my life who challenge me spiritually. That keeps me moving.”

OW: Health is important.We as African Americans need to take that seriously. How do you maintain your health? Do you have a diet regimen or work out regimen?

LeCrae: “I try to hit the gym at least 3 times a week. I run a mile and hit the weights; I also eat a lot of organics and stay away from too much fast food.”

OW: Finally, what would you like your fans to know?

LeCrae:  “That they matter. That they are Gods masterpieces, created for the

purposes that God has already mapped out. If we continue to stay

focused on our mission and not get sidetracked with everything else we

stand a chance at really changing this world.”

A graduate of University of North Texas, LeCrae now resides in Memphis, TN with his wife and children where his passion for affecting urban culture persists. His hope is that he will be able to encourage, inspire and spread far beyond simply the music and into the lives of individuals across the world, ultimately exalting Jesus Christ.

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