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How many times have we wanted someone to be honest with us? The first step in honesty is being truthful with the first person in your life. The person that you look in the mirror at everyday deserves the value of honesty.

It is only when we practice honesty do our words actually become our bonds. Let that be our prayer today.

Your Words are carved for eternity!

You have commanded the virtue of honesty,

It is the power against all deceptions.

Direct Your Spirit of honesty upon me,

That by soul may always remain stainless.

Guide my daily thoughts, words and actions,

To join those living by the Spirit of truth.

For honesty yields harmony and loyalty,

Enriching all human relationships.

By the power of Your Spirit that flourishes,

Honesty will prevail in this world! Amen

Like anything else in the world it takes time.  Let today be the start of you becoming the person you want to be.

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