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September is national “Better Breakfast Month”  listen as Nutritionist Kristin E gives us tips on the best and worse things to have for breakfast!

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Kristin Ellison was born and raised in Durham, NC. She is a Nutritionist with a master’s degree in Nutrition Science from NCSU. As the founder of Smarter Than Medicine LLC, she

educates about healthy eating habits, transitioning to sustainable dieting lifestyles, how to KNOW, EAT and DO better for your mind, body and spirit, and prepares weekly meals for


In 2014 when the matriarch of her family passed away from comorbidities (including Breast Cancer, Diabetes and Dementia), Kristin found that many medications prescribed to her

grandmother were inhibiting each other.

This was a part of what impacted Kristin to create Smarter Than Medicine for 3 distinct reasons:

1. Her purpose is to teach, and her passion is nutrition. Being able to help teach others how to build a positive relationship with food is important and increases likelihood of eating

healthier to prevent chronic illness onset.

2. Kristin wants to impact her community by sharing the science behind nutrition and how foods work, what questions you should be asking your doctor, and how to self-care at


3. Lastly, to teach Mindful Nutrition techniques and create compassion for yourself with compassion foods.

What started out as an educational tool, God saw plans for expansion. She is currently working on her Registered Dietitian Licensure at NCCU in order to further educate

clients/patients on how to live healthier lifestyles. She is partnered with Integrate Health & Wellness a black owned Chiropractic Practice and consults wellness and nutrition tips to patients

Daily Mantra: “Calories do not matter if the food is not sustainable and nutritious.”