A teacher from Brazil taught a lesson in loving yourself and dismissing negativity just by changing her hair. It’s not new information that kids can be really mean sometimes. However, BBC.com reports that Ana Barbara Ferreira of Sao Paulo decided to lift the spirits of a little girl who was being bullied in a slightly […]

Scores of Boston Public School students walked out of class to protest proposed education budget cuts. They gave voice to fears about how cuts would harm their education.


When footage surfaced of a Columbia, SC high school student being flipped in her desk and then dragged across the floor by a school resource…

After the video of the violent removal of a South Carolina Student from a resource officer, the officers in Moore County are working to strengthen their relationships with students. Moore County wants to address and eliminate problems before they get out of hand and Chief Sammy McNeill says,  “It is always better to be prepared […]

The article was well received by readers - but not so the image of a Black student with "bulging eyes and an exaggerated white mouth," wearing a cap and gown while walking through a ravaged town complete with broken stop sign, damaged cars, and broken windows.

On Tuesday the Justice Department opened an investigation into whether a deputy who arrested a student for refusing to leave her math class violated the girl’s civil rights by flipping her backward in her desk and tossing her across the classroom floor.  Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott sought federal help on the matter while calling […]

News that a Black child was suspended for staring at a White classmate highlights an age-old debate about race, as well as the underlying notion of discrimination in schools when it comes to non-White students.


According to a new study, African-American students get suspended or expelled at higher rates than White students in southern states.


A Florida kindergarten teacher accused of placing duct tape over students’ eyes as a form of punishment was suspended without pay by the Hillsborough County…


A 24-year-old Saginaw Valley State University student is facing a felony charge after he waited to arrive at a well-lit area before pulling over during…