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A Florida kindergarten teacher accused of placing duct tape over students’ eyes as a form of punishment was suspended without pay by the Hillsborough County School Board in a vote of 6-0 Tuesday.

The teacher, Lindsay Blanc, may face permanent termination, though she could appeal to the board in an effort to keep her job, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

The move came after the board confirmed that Blanc, 29, was duct taping the students and threatening to send them off in a white van if they misbehaved. The findings came from a school district investigative report that also revealed the principal at Potter Elementary School had warned Blanc not to touch the students prior to the duct tape allegations.

According to the Tampa Bay Times:

A Tampa Police Department report showed some of the 19 children interviewed at Potter, an F-rated school in east Tampa, described being duct-taped by the teacher as punishment. Others witnessed Blanc taping children’s eyes, or threatening to do so. She also warned kids who didn’t behave that she would have them taken away in “a white van,” according to the police report.


The mother of the child whose eyes were duct-taped, Monica Vann, told the Tampa Bay Times that her son got in trouble on April 21 for talking during his music lesson.

He was sent to sit at the “peace table” for a time out, she said. But he kept turning around to watch a movie with the other children, and to punish him, Blanc taped his eyes. The district report says the children who witnessed this told a parent, who reported the incident to Carson the next day.

Because of the incident, Vann told the Times, the child’s behavior has worsened. Following the duct taping, the child experienced tantrums and nightmares. Vann hopes the school district will provide her son with psychological counseling.

Blanc was not charged with a crime for the duct taping incidents.

SOURCE: Tampa Bay Times | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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