Rihanna’s cosmetics brand says it pulled “Geisha Chic,” a planned makeup product after it was criticized as an appropriation of Asian culture. “Geisha Chic,” was advertised as one of Fenty’s new “Killawatt” highlighters and is described as shimmery products that can be used to draw attention to certain facial features. Several Instagram users expressed their […]

This week, Rihanna took to social media and shared an imageof her wearing a gold dress and dripping in a honey-colored Body Lava. In the photo, Rihanna is sitting on golden steps and is clearly in good shape. A source told Hollywood Life that Chris Brown is going wild over the photo and added: “He is […]

R&B Star Rihanna’s Hollywood Hills home was robbed on Sept. 25, and her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown offered to help her find out who robbed her. Rihanna has already decided who will help with the investigation. Read more in the link below. SOURCE: hollywoodlife.com  

  Singer Rihanna slammed Snapchat about an ad for a mobile game that featured her and Chris Brown in association with their domestic abuse issue. The ad in question was for the mobile game “Would You Rather?,” and it presented users with two options: “Slap Rihanna” or “Punch Chris Brown.” Brown pleaded guilty in 2009 to […]

The talented singer has been seen multiple times with a new man and everyone wants to know more about him. He is a a billionaire and helps to ru the family business. Read more in the link below. SOURCE: online.com

Rihanna may have taken her models to detention, but this line is definitely an A+.

Can you spot all her nods to Black history and culture through her fashion?