Public Figures

Theologian by day and baker by night, Candice's delivery is akin to a labor of love.

Sarah Jake Roberts says her 'Power Moves' book is a guide to help others unleash superpowers within themselves.

Stephanie's innate shine and glaring faith continues to 'elevate' all that seek her wellness.

To outsiders, Lisa Marie Lovett may seem to effortlessly inhabit her role, but being the face of a public platform was never part of her plan.

Sarah Jakes Roberts talks new book, conference and empowering women with Melissa Wade at Women's Empowerment 2024.

The King Family has announced that a public memorial service honoring the life and legacy of Dexter Scott King, will be held at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. The service will be held on Feb. 10th at 6:30pm and will be open to the public and livestreamed through The King Center Dexter King was the […]