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Lisa Marie Lovett’s Path To Purpose Was An Unexpected Detour


Lisa Marie Lovett, known as @seasoned_dialogue on social media, sits poised in front of her camera against a cozy backdrop of natural textures and vibrant plants, a familiar sight from her Instagram reels. Her dark, lustrous locs cascade past her shoulders, framing the dewy glow of her skin and chic black blouse. As she prepares for our virtual video interview from her Atlanta home, her presence exudes warmth and readiness, her voice resonating with a comforting richness. She embodies a sense of clarity and purpose.

“My head and my heart are clear,” she states when asked about her state of mind. “I always say the weather is either sunny or it’s gonna storm or it’s a little foggy. Today it’s very sunny.”

Browsing through her Instagram feed feels akin to this moment—a virtual embrace (she gives “vocal hugs,” as written in her Instagram bio). Lovett, a poet, photographer, writer, speaker, and podcast host, has solidified her position as a cornerstone in the online wellness community, captivating her audience with the nurturing embrace of her words. Her journey began with the launch of her podcast in November 2022, followed by the exponential growth of her Instagram presence. Now, Lovett is walking her path with a deep inner-knowing, her direction unmistakable.

During our conversation, she shares that she’s found more of herself as she’s journeyed through her late thirties into her forties. For her, it’s been a process of re-learning about herself and those around her, finding peace and stillness amidst her evolution. With the awareness that we are all constantly evolving, she says that this space in her life feels the most authentic. “It’s just an everlasting moment of like, ‘I won’t ever stop,’” she shares. “I know that I will evolve, but this space in my life feels the best.”

To outsiders, Lovett may seem to effortlessly inhabit her role, but being the face of a public platform boasting a following of over half a million was never part of her plan. In fact, she describes herself as an introvert at heart. “Writing poetry has always been my baby, something that I’ve always done… but it’s something that you can be behind the scenes and do—that’s what my complacency was,” she reflects.

That all shifted when her connection with God placed her on a journey toward embracing her calling. “I share this story and I always get goosebumps when I do,” she says. “Many people are connected to God in different ways, in different spaces. My connection with God has always been through vision, so throughout my life God would always show me being on stage and talking to women.”

The vision felt foreign and unsettling. She goes on to laugh and call that vision a nightmare, one that she began to see more vividly two years ago. As the dreams persisted, she realized it was a calling she couldn’t ignore; it was as if God was nudging her towards a path she never imagined for herself. “I’m thankful that at that point in my life I was in tune to understand,” she reflects, especially since stepping into one’s purpose means confronting fears head-on, a process that isn’t without its challenges. In Lovett’s case, it required her to step out of her comfort zone and embrace the discomfort of having all eyes on her—a daunting prospect for any introvert.

Her journey into the public eye began with the launch of her podcast, Seasoned Dialogue with Lisa-Marie, a platform where she could share her thoughts and insights with a select audience. However, it was a chance encounter with a stranger on social media that would change the course of her trajectory. Encouraged by a follower to create a separate page for her videos and broaden her audience, Lovett took the leap of faith, unaware of the profound impact it would have.

Within a remarkably short span of time, her following skyrocketed, a testament to the authenticity and depth of her message. “It’s amazing to me,” she reflects. “I don’t look at numbers, but I look at the people who message [me] and resonate with a word that maybe I was reluctant to share.” Her willingness to delve into deep, personal topics struck a chord with her audience, offering a safe space for vulnerability in a world where many often wear masks, which she experienced firsthand during childhood.

“I grew up with a mother who did not allow her pain to be shown,” she shares. “My mother was very educated. She was the youngest of 10 children. She was the first one to go to college. So she was very driven, but her drive in raising her children was to ensure that you had a roof over your head, clothes on your back, food in your belly, and you did perfect in school. My mother didn’t have the ability to be one-on-one with me as a woman.”

Growing up with a mother who concealed her pain behind a facade of strength, Lovett understands the struggles faced by many Black women and femmes. Her work comes as a beacon of light amidst societal constraints that perpetuate harmful stereotypes (e.g. the “strong” Black woman” or the “angry” Black person), suffocating genuine expression, stigmatizing mental health conversations, and hindering the creation of safe healing spaces for Black and brown folx.

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“So many of the things that I mirrored as a woman was to be strong, astute, the brain before anything, because I want to be defined by how intellectual I am. Any other part of that I knew nothing about,” says Lovett. “A lot of those experiences just bring forth everything that I share. I culminate in an honest space because it’s real out here. We can sugarcoat this thing as many ways as we want to, but at some point we have to be real about our experiences, how we connect with people, and [ask]: how can we really be honest with ourselves? Can we look at ourselves in the mirror and really be honest about who we are?”

As she continues to navigate her journey—she’s currently writing a book and recording an audio album—Lovett remains grounded in her commitment to authenticity and connection. For her, it’s about reaching those who may not be in her immediate circle, offering solace and support through her words. And as she looks to the future, she does so with a sense of gratitude for the path that led her here—a path that continues to unfold with each passing day, because she doesn’t want to settle.

“When you settle, you become complacent…and I don’t wanna be there. I want to move along, I want to experience, I want to draw in the wisdom. I wanna learn some things! I don’t wanna stay stagnant.”

Steph R. Long is a Chopra-certified Ayurvedic health instructor, meditation instructor, and well-being coach. She’s also the founder of holistic wellness and coaching company SRL Well-Being and the former Deputy Director of Enterprise for Refinery29 Unbothered, where she oversaw health, wellness, and spirituality content. As a queer Black wellness practitioner who strives toward inclusivity, Steph centers BIPOC and QTBIPOC, who are often underserved by the wellness industry. Her commitment is to help everyone rediscover their inner wisdom, empowering each of her clients to cultivate self-awareness and lead vibrant, purposeful lives.

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