Damage Caused By Hurricane Harvey In Houston [Photo Gallery]

Source: Quonesha Jones / Quonesha Jones

Ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Dorian, Gov. Cooper is urging residents to start preparing now for the storm. In the meantime NC is making some changes from lessons learned from Florence.

“The preparations you make now could save your life later,” Cooper said. “Please make sure your family is prepared and include your pets in your plans.”

While Dorian is not expected at this point to bring the massive flooding that Florence brought last year, officials say lessons learned from Florence and Matthew have led to changes in how the state is preparing for such natural disasters.

One big difference this year is that the state has added 46 new swift water boats. The crews who will use them are already trained and in place for search-and-rescue efforts if needed throughout the eastern part of the state.

Another change made after last year’s storms include adding more shelters in more places and having them open earlier.


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