2016 ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards - Inside

Source: Maury Phillips / Getty

We’re the Campbell’s reality TV show covers a number of family and relationship topics that stars Erica (Nat. gospel recording artist) and her husband Warryn (producer) and children are presented with.

One of the hot topics the couple talk about is one very few in the church will tackle and that is sex. Both Warryn and Erica speak out about sex in marriage as opposed to outside of the marriage and discouraged people from engaging in premarital intimate relations.

In a clip posted Aug 7th the couple talk candidly about sex. “The Bible says marriage is honorable and the bed is undefiled, which means I could do anything I want to do any time I want to do it in my bed, with my wife”, Warryn Campbell declared in a recent “We’re the Campbells” promo.

“Sex is better married because the soul connection is different. I’m not competing with anybody else,” Erica Campbell interjected.

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