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Another cold spell is here and Duke Energy  officials are asking its customers to conserve electricity. This is all an effort to help avoid potential high demand on the electric grid caused by extremely cold temperatures.

Here are some tips to help reduce electricity use:

*  Reduce your thermostat to the lowest comfortable setting when home, and reduce a degree or two when leaving the home.

  • Turn off unnecessary lighting.
  • Postpone household chores that require electrical appliances.
  • Unplug cellphone / tablet chargers. These devices draw energy even when not in use.
  • Operate ceiling fans in a clockwise direction, which pushes warm air back down into the room.
  • Leave your drapes or blinds open to allow the sun’s rays to warm the house.

Check out more tips from Duke Energy.

Those who may be struggling can apply for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program.  Application will be accepted through March 31st or until funds run out.

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