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Willie Moore, Jr. returned to RVA for Transformation Expo 2017! The radio personality-turned-best-selling-author took the time to speak with KISS Richmond’s King Tutt about his new book Happily After All.

It doesn’t necessarily roll off the tongue — considering we been coached to say “happily ever after” from the moment we heard our first fairy tale. It’s this preconditioning that caused Moore to come up with the title, Happily After All.

“Most people think it is happily ever after because that is what you see in the books, but when you go into a relationship with that particular attitude it will never work,” Moore says. “It’s not happily ever after, it’s happily after all — all the hardships the ups the downs — then you get this beautiful culmination that we’ve coined a relationship.”

Moore and his wife Patricia are passionate about teaching young couples how to have healthy relationships that will ultimately strengthen families, the church, and the community. “If you want to go to the next level of your life, in any aspect, go learn right at home,” says Moore.

Check out King Tutt’s full interview with Willie Moore, Jr above!

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