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CeCe Winans is back in a big way, and we couldn’t be happier. The Stellar Award-winning singer reunited with our Sheilah “The Belle” Belle at Transformation Expo 2017 to talk about the success of her brand new album, Let Them Fall In Love.

The new album is a long time coming, considering it has been almost ten years since Winans last did a solo record. For Let Them Fall In Love she partnered with her son, Alvin. Who produced the album and wrote seven songs. Including the hit single, “Never Have to Be Alone.”

Winans describes her son’s vision for the project as retro, but fresh. This coupled with her requisite for bold, powerful lyrics has produced a vessel for hope, joy, and of course love.

“The situation that our world is facing right now, we need something that is going to be impactful and I am so proud of the CD, Let Them Fall In Love, because I know that people are going to find Jesus through this record.” Dedicated to winning souls for Christ, Winans and her husband started Nashville Life Church in 2012.

Winans attributes the longevity of her career to her relationship with Jesus. “Making sure he’s the main thing in your life — in your personal life. It has nothing to do with CeCe the artist or CeCe the pastor… It’s through that relationship, I think you will always be relevant no matter who you are.”

See The Belle’s full interview with CeCe Winans above!

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