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Do you remember Footloose? The 1980s movie about a town where dancing was outlawed? Well family, we know that even David danced (2 Samuel 6:14)!

Mary Mary has been helping me get my two-step on for the Lord since the 1999 release of their mega-hit song “Shackles (Praise You).” Over the years sisters, Erica and Tina Campbell remained on the top of my list of contemporary gospel music.

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Whenever your day seems dark, or your problems insurmountable, remember “In the Morning” it will be alright. Here are 10 of my favorite Mary Mary tunes that – like Erica’s show, will get you up and on your feet!

1. “Get Up”

2. “Sunday Morning”

3. “Shackles”

4. “Go Get It”

5. “Walking”

6. “In the Morning”

7. “God in Me”

8. “Heaven”

9. “Survive”

10. “Believer”