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Ferguson activist Darren Seals was found shot dead in a burning car on Tuesday morning.

He was the sixth Black man found under similar circumstances within the past two years and represents a major concern for the people of Ferguson.

Rapper/activist and friend Tef Poe shared on NewsOne Now, “The community is clear on what’s going on here. From my perspective, Seals was clearly set up. I don’t even call it a killing or a murder. Darren Seals was assassinated by somebody.”

Tef Poe does not expect the Ferguson Police Department to properly investigate Seals’ death. He said the people of the St. Louis suburb “don’t have any misconceptions about what is going on.”

Carlos Ball, a close friend of Seals, agreed with Tef Poe’s belief that the Ferguson activist was executed and said, “the manner and the way in which he died” proves there was some foul play involved in his death.

“For him to be shot and then set on fire – that’s not random – that’s a targeted hit,” Ball said.

Ball went on to expound on how the community is reacting to the mysterious death of Seals and said, “Some activists are scared or have a little fear, but you have to when we know who we are going up against and what we’re going up against.

We won’t be quiet about Darren’s death because Darren wouldn’t have been quiet had it been me, had it been Tef, had it been anybody else. Darren would have been vocal, been loud, and we got to do the same thing for him.”

Watch Roland Martin, Tef Poe, Carlos Ball, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the death of Ferguson activist Darren Seals in the video clip above.


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