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TD Jakes at Women's Empowerment

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According to Madame Noire, Bishop Jakes was blasted for wearing ripped jeans to the church (One Church LA) that his son-in-law and daughter lead.

One critic wrote on instagram:    “The jeans are not age appropriate,”… “End of story. Has nothing to do with him being a minister. If my dad wore these jeans, I would be mortified. There are plenty of styles out there that would be more flattering on the Bishop.”

Another critic wrote:  “Jeans itself is not a sin, to wear them to follow a trend is when it becomes a sin,” ….

Bishop Jakes responds and goes on to name specific issues that deserve all the analysis and energy of his critics.

“I wish we had this much passion for the murders in Chicago, or those who are suffering in our cities,” he voiced. “When I make post about helping the needy I don’t hear from many of you at all. You all seem to know what Jesus would wear but have no interest in what He would do! @art_vsz While you debate my jeans, tell em where you stand on women wearing make up, or female pastors. This kind of legalism is why so many frown on people of faith! In a word, get out of my closet and help the people in your cities! The homeless don’t care what any of us wear. Those suffering w cancer and disease don’t either. But you’ve spent your time arguing about something that is irrelevant! Most of the antagonist don’t even follow me anyway! Go back to your world and DO GOOD FOR GOD!”

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