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The Koch Brothers are usually in opposition of progressive views and a Democratic agenda, but there is one issue that has the duo crossing party lines in an attempt to work with both Democrats and Republicans to achieve a common goal.

Criminal justice reform is the issue that seems to have galvanized the Koch Brothers and members of the Democratic and Republican parties, who often times stand in staunch opposition to one another.

According to The Atlantic:

Though the Kochs are best known—and, to liberals, notorious—for the massive amounts of money they pour into politics, they have lately been calling attention to a less polarizing crusade: an attempt to address what they term “the overcriminalization of America.”

Mark Holden, Koch Industries senior vice president and general counsel of Koch Industries, Inc., joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the Koch Brothers and their focus on criminal justice reform.

Holden told Martin the Koch Brothers “care deeply” about this issue and said if you look at Charles Koch and David Koch, “Charles Koch is a classic libertarian.”

“He believes in expansive individual liberties, like in the Bill of Rights, and he also believes in guarding against infringement against those rights. He also is a strong proponent, as we all are at Koch, of removing obstacles and barriers to opportunity for all Americans, particularly the less advantaged.”

Holden added, “If that’s your goal, if those are your guide posts — you need to be in the criminal justice reform movement, and we have been for a long time.”

“The system as it’s set up now … it’s morally indefensible, it’s inconsistent with the Constitution and it’s fiscally destroying us. It’s destroying our society, particularly for those who can least afford to endure it.”

Watch Roland Martin, Mark Holden, and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the Koch Brothers’ viewpoint on America’s criminal justice system and their bipartisan effort to institute criminal justice reform in the video clip above.

For more information about the Koch Brothers’ push for criminal justice reform, visit, or follow @FixCrimJustice on Twitter.

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