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Its been three years!!!I’m so excited about the release of my forthcoming project Dear Diary’ coming August 28th !!! My first single All The Glory off the project, soon to be released is under my brand new label Uncle G Records, is currently number one on gospel billboard Indicator charts!!!

Although we are a smaller independent label, I’m crazy enough to believe that God can bless us with 10,000 pre-sales!!!!!! My faith is that big!!!! It’s not about me, it’s about what God is doing through us coming together!!!!

Over the past three years, God has blessed me to take flight… but there’s definitely been some turbulence while attempting to reach my destination.  I’ve composed a lyrical Diary to let you know that regardless of what curve balls the enemy throws at you, you can make it!!!

There’s nothing the enemy can do to distort, abort, disrupt, obstruct, destruct, cancel or ruin the plans God has for you!!!

Above you will see my new album cover! Tell me what you think and what you think of the new song too!

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