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Homelessness On The Rise In New York City

Source: Spencer Platt / Getty

We’ve seen the mom in Baltimore discipline her son for doing wrong but here’s a young man who is doing something very right.

Montrez Jefferies is a homeless teen and recently stumbled upon a $500 money order and instead of trying to keep it he wanted to do the right thing a give it back to its owner.  .

Montrez said, “Making a lot of bad decisions and getting in trouble at school and then getting involved in gangs,” is how he ended living up on the streets and now at the Durham Rescue Mission’s Center for Hope.

Montrez is now making decisions to get his life back on the right track.  He said a few years ago he would have cashed it but today he remembered

“My mom always said do to others what I’d want them to do to me.”

The Durham Rescue Mission staff helped him find the owner and he returned it.  The owner had no idea she had lost it and was very grateful.

Jefferies told ABC11 that he wants to return to school, attend college and start a career…. And I pray that he does.