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#BlackLivesMatter grew from a hashtag to a movement and is now a college course at Dartmouth College.

Starting in the spring, the Ivy League college will launch a 10 week, 10 professor #BlackLivesMatter class examining race, violence and inequality throughout history as well as through the prism of Ferguson and similar events. 

On Friday, “NewsOne Now” guest host Mo Ivory, Republican Strategist Staci Johnson, Political / Lifestyle Blogger, Dru Ealons and Ray Baker of Ray Baker Media discussed the significance of the storied Ivy League institution offering the class and if it should be instituted on college campuses around the nation.


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Baker told Ivory there is no need for Howard University and other HBCU’s to institute a #BlackLivesMatter course because their “entire function is #BlackLivesMatter.”

He later added, “Some may want to celebrate the #BlackLivesMatter course at Dartmouth, I’m disappointed that it is happening now. In that course they are going to talk about redlining, housing discrimination — how that’s lead to the prison industrial complex. If Dartmouth is supposed to be among the premiere universities in our nation and the prison industrial complex is ruining large swaths of our nation, why are they just now talking about this?”

Ivory said, “Every time something is done in our country or around our educational system that is marked as an improvement for African Americans we can say ‘it happened too late, it should have happened before.’”

She continued these courses should be a part of American Education. “Police brutality did not start with Ferguson … #BlackLivesMatter did not just happen when that (shooting death of Michael Brown) happened in Ferguson.”

Listen to Ivory, Ray Baker, Dru Ealons and Staci Johnson discuss Dartmouth launching a #BlackLivesMatter course. Do you think colleges and universities across the nation should follow in their footsteps?

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