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Happy 86th Year of  Life!

Joe Jackson has spent the entire week counting down to today. He turns 86. He has written special notes about his wife Katherine and all of his childen.

The notes are awe inspiring.

He started 11 days ago  by  saying:

I will be celebrating my 86th Birthday in Spain on Saturday the 26th of July. For the next 10 days, I would like to reflect on each member of my immediate family. I will candidly reflect individually on each one of them for each of the next 10 days, sharing my private memories, fun moments that stand out the most in my mind. Starting from the top with my wife Katherine.


Yesterday he wrote a note to Janet Jackson saying, “I’m so proud of you.”

To Randy he wrote: He is an extremely good producer and song writer. He is the one who wrote that famous song on the Jackson’s album, you know .. the one. … .. Well you get this way as you get older.

To Michael: In my eyes “The Greatest Entertainer that ever lived”.

To Marlon:I am happy to see him get the recognition he deserves.

To LaToya:I am proud to call her my daughter and wish nothing but the best for her.

To Jermaine:He has a God given talent to sing ballads better than anyone in this world.I Only wish he sang them more.

To Tito: I am very very proud of the way he raised his sons, the 3T’s.

To Jackie: He inquired why I never forced him as it would have been good for him. I never told him why not, but I knew his will was to strong back then to be forced into doing something he never wanted to do. That was why I never tried.

To Rebbie: I do have much to thank her for how she carried herself through the years.

To Katharine

“What I can say about Katherine, is she has the most gentle soul of any one I have ever met. And she loved her children. She was really a very good mother to the children. She knew where every single one of them was at all times while she was also working. She did keep them off the street. Many don’t know this but she helped me a lot rehearsing the kids. Although she does not celebrate birthdays she knows all their birthday’s by heart. We’ve been through a lot together”

Her unique character. When Katherine and I argue as couples sometimes do, I am not worried at all if she is loud, shouts or screams at me. But when she gets really quiet, ooh that is when I know to be very very careful around her. Still water runs deep. There is so much of Michael in her.

Joe Jackson may know one thing. He gave the world a musical legacy.

Happy birthday Joe!

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