Be Polite.

Customer service representatives are professionals who have been taught to deal with surly customers, but they are human, and you likely to get a better response if you are civil and respectful. No matter how annoyed you become, don’t swear at customer service personnel.  Saying thank you and being communicative help. Ask your rep for their name.  I guarantee if you are nice they will be nice. Even if they are not nice and are rude, your respond accordingly.  Remember you are not their only call of the day.

Think someone is being rude? They probably feel the same way about you.  Freeman Hall, author of the book, “Retail Hell: Confessions of a Tortured Sales Associate” (Adams Media, 2009) says,  ”They’re pointing the blame finger at each other, What I’ve discovered after years of waiting on customers is it’s usually — not always — a misconception that occurs when the customer and service provider first encounter each other.” For example, the service provider says “hello” and the customer doesn’t respond. Or the customer thinks the salesperson is ignoring him or her. Many misunderstandings can be averted by simply acknowledging travel industry employees and empathizing with them just a little.bTry saying hello and offer a smile. If you are on the phone  refer to them in a kind patient voice.

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