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I went to a predominately white university. The white girls I went to school with were there to be educated, but their primary goal was to leave with the promise of a MRS. Their BA, BS or whatever was icing on the cake. We don’t teach our girls that. We don’t teach them the little things that it takes to get and keep a man. Domestic duties aren’t at the top of our priority list when it comes to raising our daughters. Things like a man should never eat off paper plates or drink out of plastic cups are not on the list of things to make sure your daughter knows … but they should be.

Through women’s liberation and life events we have created a culture where black women are afraid to be vulnerable. They are afraid to let black men be themselves. In all their glory and dismay we have to let them be men. They will mess up. We have to be there to support and encourage them … and to pick up the pieces without pointing fingers and making them feel less than men.

Conversation Starter: Carl Thomas Says Men Bear The Burden Of The Relationship

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