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I hear the grumblings of many of you right now. Along with the grumbling comes the comments about that being a cop out. I can hear you saying black men don’t know how to treat a woman. They don’t know what it means to be a good man. They are intimated by the success of black women.

I’m a woman, a black woman … so, I will give you some of that. I won’t fully buy into that because I believe that black women are too hard. I believe we don’t know how to play our position and we try too hard to be independent. This is a learned behavior though. In my opinion, it’s a cultural teaching that has been passed down through generations. I believe it started right about the time that black men decided it was cool to make babies and not take care of them. The result was women who had to be independent. Women who had to learn how to nurture and provide. They in turn raised women who learned through action how to be independent … but were also told not to rely on man. You have to be able to take care of yourself. Show no weakness. You can do bad by yourself. You don’t need a man for anything. While I do believe that every woman should be educated (in the way that works for her) and should be able to care for herself, I don’t think that she should not allow a man to do that. She shouldn’t allow the role that God gave her as a nurturer, supporter and caregiver to fall from first place in her life.

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