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The NAACP is getting involved in the controversial arrest of mega church preacher, Creflo Dollar.

Creflo Dollar was arrested on June 8th on charges of simple battery and cruelty to children after an altercation with his 15 year old daughter, but the NAACP calls is discipline.

“Today, many parents in any household have vivid recollections of being firmly disciplined during childhood and can directly reflect on how that discipline made them better adults. In order to ensure fairness, the NAACP wants to make sure that first responders to alleged domestic parent/child dispute calls are skillfully trained to clearly distinguish discipline from child abuse,” the NAACP press release said.

The local branch president also commented on the issue, saying that it’s the right of parents to discipline their children in order to protect them from the wiles of society, including jail.

“African-American children suffer the most in this situation. The parents are in a dilemma whether to forgo disciplining their children or to leave it up to law enforcement. Should we be apathetic, lax or indifferent and let the courts send our unruly children to jail or should we as parents do our duty and appropriately discipline our children? These are the questions every parent is asking today. The responsibility of the NAACP is to get out front and ask these culturally sensitive questions that affect the fundamental cause of freedom, equality and justice.”

source:  NAACP,