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Andrea Helm’s help this week is one that we all deal with from day to day. Here is what she wants us to realize:

There are things worth fixin’.  Are you handy?

When something breaks around my house my husband’s first inclination is to throw it away. My mother, on the other hand, wants to try and fix everything. I don’t always have the patience to fix broken items.  I start with great eagerness and determination, but that quickly subsides.  Is that what they call ADD? I refuse to admit that.

This reminds me of the potter and the clay (Jeremiah 18:3).  If there is a flaw in the clay, he doesn’t throw it away, but simply throws it back on the wheel. He sees that it can be fixed by remolding it so it can be used. Isn’t that the reason why we fix our broken things anyway?  We want to keep using them. We know there is still good use in it. I’m so glad God doesn’t throw us away when we’re broken and we don’t seem usable. He sees the potential in us, and if He can fix us, He can use us.  Be willing to let God work on you. You’re worth fixing!

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Andrea  Helms is a lifelong singer and worshipper. She brought the best of her talent and spirit to every performance as a contestant on Season 4 of BET’s Sunday Best, the world’s leading gospel competition television show. It took her to the show’s finale, where she was first- runner up. Now she’s bringing her best to her debut CD as a Music World Gospel recording artist. Moving Forward and writing for Elev8. Make sure to check back each week for her words of life and inspiration.

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