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The Lamplighter Awards are given in appreciation of those who go above and beyond their duty to make our community a better place to live… and during the award ceremonies there are always great memorable moments. Check out one of mine….

I believe it was Lamplighter 2006 and Norman Hutchins was one of our musical guests. I think this is when I totally became a Norman Hutchins fan. Norman and his wife had flown here to Raleigh and the airline had lost their entire luggage except what they carried on. Inside Pastor Hutchins luggage was his music track that he would sing with, so now he had no music, except his acoustic guitar that he always carries. They came on to the venue with what they had and Pastor Hutchins asked for two microphones; one for his guitar and one for him, and he sung. That was one of the best and moving performances – excuse me ministries – I have ever witnessed.

You just never know what God has in store for you.

See you at Lamplighter 2011 – November 5th and experience your own “memorable moment.”

Melissa Wade

Norman Huthcins… and his acoustic guitar