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In the duet “Faithful” with gospel music artist Karen Clark-Sheard, Aretha takes it back to church.

Her newest album “Aretha A Woman Falling Out Of Love”, according to a press release, will be available exclusively at Walmart on May 3rd and available on iTunes and Amazon June 3. The album, is the very first on the legendary artist’s own label, Aretha’s Records, and contains 12 cuts including a bonus track.

Aretha has said : “OK ladies take a good look at the photo of me on this album; this is how you’re supposed to look when you’re a woman falling out of love.  Don’t sit by the phone waiting for him to call you, girlfriend; I want you to listen very closely to the lyrics of the songs on this album and you’ll hear a few good tips. Go out and have a ball!” – Love always, Ree Ree