In an act of true resilience and faith, a Durham congregation braved the heat for an outdoor Sunday service after a fire damaged their church. More than 50 firefighters in the Bull City responded to a fire at Greater Waltown United Holy Church Saturday night at around 9 pm, as reported by ABC11. Durham Fire said it […]

Erica Campbell is bringing 'The Feel Alright Tour' to a city near you!


Thank you for joining Pastor Kelvin G. Thurman for bringing you the weekly inspiration and worship. This week, join Pastor Kelvin G. Thurman as he takes you to church. Learn that everyone is going through something, but these events aren’t for you to question God’s will. Those thoughts promote the real question, is it the will […]

A chaotic scene inside a Tennessee church can only be described by witnesses and police as a masked attacker armed with two guns shot seven people, killing one before he was subdued.  Witnesses report that the 60 year old church pastor, David Spann shouted, “Run, run, gunshots!” as congregants hid under pews or in bathrooms. […]

GRIFF's Prayer, GRIFF says a prayer for everyone who went to church in good spirits.

It is Kev On Stage's job to relay all of the concerns of the church body to the pastor.

Jonathan Nelson and Jason Nelson were chatting about being brothers in gospel and ministry.

It is Kev On Stage's job to relay the concerns of the church body to the pastor.

Kev On Stage is the head of the Members Relations Committee.