In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell explains that Redwood Trees grow taller because of their roots.


NBA star Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors claimed a major victory on Monday evening that secured their spot in the 2016 NBA Finals. Curry, who garnered the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award twice, led his team with 36 points, eight assists, and five rebounds to a 93-86 win. “Steph is gonna Steph,” Warriors center […]

Actor Laurence Fishburne will play Alex Haley in A&E Networks’ reboot of Haley’s classic African-American novel Roots, History Channel’s executive vice president and general manager Dirk Hoogstra…


The bidding war for where the Obama library, museum, and presidential center will be built has come to an end. The library will be built…

On this day 35 years ago, little did Alex Haley know that his groundbreaking dramatic miniseries, “Roots,” which traced his family’s roots, would garner nine Emmy Awards…

Oprah is inviting the cast of Roots to her home for a 35th year reunion and she’ll share it on her OWN network.

  In the duet “Faithful” with gospel music artist Karen Clark-Sheard, Aretha takes it back to church.

Alex Haley, a master story teller brought us our first glimpse into the lives of slaves with his critically acclaimed book Roots. Read about Mr. Haley's story here.