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In this life we have choices and going to Church, in my opinion, is a choice. No one should be ridiculed or tormented if they see the need not to attend church regularly or if ever.

Another choice one has is the option of making a tithe. I am a tither because I see the benefit of giving to others. I do not give tithes to any religious organization though, better yet I give to those I see that are in need of a helping hand. As often as I see fit I give 10% of my earnings to a person or a family that is in need.

The aforementioned is from a YouTube video with a voice over of Creflo Dollar explaining how he would handle non-tithers that entered his church. Point blank, he would shoot them and then commence to doing his sermon.

Now, he says he would only do this if he weren’t covered in the blood of Jesus, so we’re guessing that’s a good thing. He goes on to say that you CAN NOT receive prosperity, blessings or deliverance unless you tithe.


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